Laursen Evaluation and Design, LLC

Bethany Laursen, Interdisciplinarity Theorist & Consultant

I’m currently a Ph.D. student in Community Sustainability and an M.A. student in Philosophy at Michigan State University. I research (and invent) interdisciplinary-specific methodologies I like to call “sense making tools.” I enjoy nerding out about meaning-making, epistemology, and group dynamics over Twitter, Facebook, or one-on-one conversations. I also offer my skills as a consultant on a limited basis, especially giving workshops, trainings, study design advice, and data analysis.

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Mixed-methods researchBethany Laursen
Social network analysis
Data Visualization
Network Weaving
Strategic planning
Program evaluation
Project management
Team building
Outdoor leadership
Floral design for events
Coaching and facilitation (including tutoring and training)

Working in person in East Lansing, MI, and remotely in other locations

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